Their Story

They came to MavTek wanting to build a secure, online pharmacy solution for patients and physicians. The system needed to allow for the creation of multi-user accounts while falling in line with all the US rules and compliances. We began this project by building a solution for with a case study. We turned our findings into a easy to use app that keeps their patients happy. While supplied with their much needed medications.

What we created

Medly is a full-service, digital pharmacy that delivers your prescription to you for free, same day, anywhere in New York City and New Jersey. We created a digital experience that makes managing your prescription simple, efficient, smart for patients and providers.

Services Provided

Streamlined prescribing process

Integrated prescriber tracking

Implemented compliance strategies

Integrated ecommerce channel to work into their fulfillment process.



App Development

Ongoing support

Their Story

KYC Compliance is mandatory for different types of structures in order to minimize the risks of financial and other types of fraud. “Know Your Customer” system is a verification of the identity of a person who wants to conduct a certain transaction. It is most often used in the financial sector. For example, banks implement this system to check the identity of a customer and to facilitate account opening or financial transactions.

What we created

We developed verification product that can be performed by various institutions, such as:

- banks, insurance companies, brokers

- cryptocurrency exchanges

- shared economy companies (rentals, car sharing)

- gambling

- marketplaces

- law firms

KYCAID needed to take automated verification to the next level. We used advanced software solutions leveraging AI algorithms. We provided a range of verification services that include checking the clients’ applications, corporate documents, clients’ addresses, payment methods, conducting face and document verification, providing the proof of funds check, and more.

Their story

In January 2020 the founder wanted to meet their perfect match BUT...

BOOM!!! Pandemic hits and the whole country is on lockdown. 

He wanted to create a dating site/app that could allow people to date in the

world of pandemics and other health concerns. The app will allow to verify the

status of the persons vaccine status and nearby areas that are safe. It doesn't stop

at Covid! It can match people with serious allergies, disabilities and other health related problems.

What we did

Customer experience design: UX/UI design

Architecting: product data structure, verification management, ERP, conversion optimization

Built workflows for all processes.

Consulted on team building needed to run day-to-day operations of a dating site.

Conversion optimization

SEO Optimization

Ongoing support

Social Date Examination

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